BlurFix Adapters for GoPro focus correction underwater

Wetrez is now the only Australian supplier stocking the Blur Fix Adapter Lens kit for Go Pro HD Hero sports cameras. Price at $95.00 AUD. We are now offering Free EXPRESS National shipping with the purchase of GoPro Cameras and Blurfix Adapters.

Blurfix Lens Cairns, Australia

This single Product fixes 3 common issues with the GoPro HD Camera
1. The underwater focus
2. Inability to attach filters
3. Fogging

  • CNC machined aluminum (6061-T6)
  • Tested to a depth of 130ft — advanced open water (AOW) max dive depth
  • Accepts all 55 mm camera filters including clear, UV, FLD, red, and polarizing
  • Clear filter included
  • Has superior optical qualities of glass filters compared to plastic lenses
  • Can be used above water with no vignetting in all modes when filter and o-ring are removed (you can use one GoPro housing both above and below water!!)
  • With the included low-profile UV filter installed for underwater use, there is limited vignetting in r4 (960p mode) with no vignetting in r1 (480p mode), r2 & r3 (720p modes), and r5 (1080p mode)
  • Stepped chamfer on inside of lens
  • Type III Anodized (MIL-A-8625) that improves optical qualities as well as provides a robust finish to the aluminum
  • Ceramic desiccant ball groove so that fogging is never an issue (reusable desiccant balls included)
  • Should your filter shatter while you are diving because you dive too deep or bump the filter against a rock, your GoPro camera will stay dry because the integrity of the OEM housing and lens stays intact.

BlurFix Adapter Lens for GoPro Cameras: This video showcases the product installation and underwater testing, however refer to the FULL product instructions that come with the BlurFix to Install it.


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  1. Are you guys selling the blur fix kit for poor hero 2 I live in new jersey. .. need help to get this…

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