Celebrating Chinese New Year on the Great Barrier Reef….

Well it seems that the wet season is well and truly amongst us but we aren’t letting a little bit of rain ruin our fun here on the Great Barrier Reef! The reef is still amazing (as ever!) and we have had lots of tourists happily celebrating the Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year, WetRez Cameras, Cairns

Chinese New Year, WetRez Cameras, Cairns

Chinese New Year, WetRez Cameras, Cairns

Our resident Napoleon Maori Wrasse has also joined in with the celebrations! Wally has been getting progressively more friendly over the last few weeks and is now keen to get up close and personal with everyone he meets!

Usually taking the photos of everyone else enjoying their moment, photographer Chris managed to snap this cheeky selfie this week!

Chis & Wally, WetRez Cameras, Cairns

A Gentle Giant On the steep outer slopes of coral reefs roams a gentle giant.  At over 2 meters long,
with a large hump on the head, and big fleshy lips, the Maori humphead wrasse is easily recognized.

Divers are thrilled to encounter this fish as they are known for being extremely interactive; from
following a diver with watchful eyes to rubbing against a diver’s outstretched hand or even giving
a gentle nudge just as a dog would when it wants to be petted.  This wrasses willingness to interact
with people is partly a reflection of the individual personality of each fish, and in part a result
of previous experiences with humans.

Sadly, these fish have been prized for their flesh rather than their personalities, which has earned
them a place on the IUCN endangered list. This is the largest species of the wrasse family and it is
found throughout the Indo‐Pacific region, including around reefs in the Coral Sea.

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