DiCAPac Waterproof Cases for your Digital Camera, iPhone or SmartPhone

With adventurers now travelling to multiple coastal destinations we find many WetRez customers are looking to waterproof their photographic equipment. This is where the fantastic range of DiCAPac products comes into play….make your own digital camera, i-Phone or Smartphone waterproof at an affordable price!

WetRez Cameras has been stocking the DiCAPac line for over 7 years proving that these products offer quality like no other. DiCAPac is the market leader in inexpensive waterproof cases for cameras, in a super transparent vinyl waterproof case, with UV coated optical lens.

DiCAPAC Cases for iPhone, SmartPhoen & Cameras, WetRez Cameras, Cairns

They are waterproof to 10 metres, hard-wearing and easy to use. From tiny digital cameras to large DSLR, Smartphones, iPhone’s and iPod’s, these flexible cases allow you to shoot high quality, digital pictures while participating in underwater activities, water sports or other activities in harsh environments.

WetRez Cameras highly recommends DiCAPac products for travellers: not only can you snorkel and dive with them but they can be used for rafting, kayaking, sand protection at the beach, and even snow and rain protection. Perfect for your Aussie East Coast adventure, Pacific island getaway or South East Asia trek!

DiCAPAC Cases for iPhone, SmartPhoen & Cameras, WetRez Cameras, Cairns

The DiCAPac series of protective cases will safeguard your expensive equipment! DiCAPac cases are compatible with most brands of cameras and smartphones, and the investment you will make to protect your valuable equipment is quite small. You will be really amazed that you can take underwater pictures with the same effectiveness and quality as of any high-end and expensive underwater camera housing.

DiCAPac cases are made of non-toxic materials and are tested and qualified to waterproof grade JIS IPX8 (Japanese Industrial Standard’s highest waterproof grade). Tested and passed up to 10 metres (33ft) in both underwater lab tests and actual field testing. With an ultra secure, Patented Roll and Velcro Zipper sealing system, your DiCAPac allows full functionality of camera controls. The big addition is a polycarbonate quality lens (clear and hard to break) opening that lets you take pictures with zoom control even when the camera is in the pouch. The lens has a 3-layered coating (UV coating, Water repellent coating, scratch resistance coating for quality pictures) both inside and outside.  Your DiCAPac comes with a neck/wrist strap, plus it also floats when you drop it into water!

DiCAPAC Cases for iPhone, SmartPhoen & Cameras, WetRez Cameras, Cairns

DiCAPac Product List:

WP-S10: Large DSLR ( Canon EOS 5D, Nikon D300s)
WP-S5: Medium DSLR (Canon EOS 600D, Nikon D5200)
WP-S3: Mirrorless/Compact (Olympus PEN, Sony NEX5)
WP-1 : Most compact digital cameras (Canon IXUS etc.)
WP-711: Flat lens compact digital cameras.
WP-570 : Travel zoom cameras, pro-sumer bridge cameras (Panasonic Lumix TZ30, Canon G15)
WP-610: Mid size zoom and bridge cameras
WP-H10: Large superzoom cameras
WP-C1: Small to medium smartphones (i-Phone 3, 4, 5)
WP-C2: Large smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, Note)
WP-i20: Apple i-Pad
WP-T20: Tablet
W-M40: Multi purpose (GPS, Passport, wallet, keys)

Come into WetRez and check out the entire DiCAPac range, make sure you bring your camera or smartphone so we can fit the perfect size for your needs…..prices start from just $30!

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