Exciting new product: 360 Heros Underwater Package

Everyone at WetRez Cameras got a little bit excited this week when the 360 Heros Underwater Package arrived!

The ScubaH36 uses 6 GoPro Hero3 cameras which create the highest quality underwater 360 video imagery possible. The patent pending snap on conversion domes bring a full 170 degree field of view back to the lenses, which enables seamless 360 spherical video recording. This system uses the 360H mount, GoPro waterproof housings and snap on conversion domes.

Underwater 360 Video, WetRez Cameras, Cairns

We sent WetRez owner, Leith, out to play with our new toy and we have to say the video looks fantastic!

360 Heros, Leith, WetRez Cameras, Cairns

We are just waiting for it all to be stitched together (the time consuming part!) but watch this space for an amazing 360 video if the Great Barrier Reef. In the meantime take a look this 360 Scuba Video Underwater in Belize made Jerry Cummins of J&D Scuba…

For more information on this amazing product check out the company website at the following link

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