Fun and frolics on the Great Barrier Reef

We have been blessed with some fantastic weather over the last few weeks and the WetRez team sure have been making the most of it!! They have been busy capturing beautiful photos of visitors and marine life alike on the Great Barrier Reef….

Everybody loves to find Nemo but it is just as exciting when we find Nemo’s playful cousin, the Pink Anemonefish! The Pink Anemonefish is pinkish-orange with a white bar down either side of the face, and a white stripe along the back and they too find homes within sea anemones.  Clownfish and sea anemones have a symbiotic, mutualistic relationship, each providing a number of benefits to the other. The sea anemone protects the clownfish from predators, as well as providing food through the scraps left from the anemone’s meals and occasional dead anemone tentacles. In return, the clownfish defends the anemone from its predators, and parasites

Emperor Angelfish, WetRez Cameras, Cairns

This beautiful adult Emperor Angelfish was photographed last week by photographer Chris. The Emperor Angelfish is well known for its dramatic colour change throughout growth – we would love to get a great shot of a juvenile soon!

Juvenile Sweetlips. WetRez Cameras, Cairns

This Juvenile Sweetlips was spotted by photographer Uri. Juveniles are brown with large white blotches and mimic the movement of a poisonous flatworm for defence against predators. They gain more spots and the spots reverse from white to black as they age. We think this one is just in the transition state and is developing the more spotted pattern of adults.

Take a look at the rest of the fantastic images below taken by our photographers; Chris Banner, Shane Morgan, Uri Hancock and Clarissa Marchetto.

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