Ikelite Underwater Systems

Ikelite has manufactured underwater flashlights, compasses and photographic equipment since 1962, introducing many innovative new products to the diving industry like the first O-ring sealed underwater light to incorporate a sealed beam bulb, and the first diving compass with a rotating bezel and direct reading degrees.

Ikelite manufactures a diverse line of underwater photographic equipment that ranges from housings for simple point-and-shoot cameras to sophisticated housings for digital SLR and video cameras. Ikelite is famous for the design and manufacture of sophisticated electronic flash units, strobe mounting systems, and a wide range of unique accessories for underwater photography.

Not only are Ikelite housings the most affordable underwater housings for camera users, they also have some pretty big advantages too.

  • Many Ikelite housings offer TTL with Ikelite brand strobes. TTL can be very useful, especially for macro underwater photography.
  • Ikelite housings are clear, allowing the underwater photographer to see inside the housing in case there is a leak.
  • Ikelite has a very good reputation for customer service. Housings have good depth ratings, and parts are readily available, new or used, worldwide.

WetRez Cameras is a leading stockist of Ikelite Products within Australia. Quality Ikelite housings are available for a range of Canon, Sony, Olympus, Nikon, Fuji & Kodak Cameras. All housings come with a one year local warranty. A wide range of additional accessories are also available including; Handle and Tray Systems, Strobes, Lens Adapters, Wide Angle Lens, Macro Lens, Colour Correction Filters, Dome Ports and more.

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