Snake River Prototyping GoPro Accessories

Snake River Prototyping (SRP) is an engineering design and production firm specialising in recreational products.  SRP has produced a great line of GoPro and Diving accessories to help you capture the best quality footage using your GoPro Hero 2.  Wetrez Cameras and Snake River Prototyping are proud to be working in partnership to bring the full range of SRP products to the Australian recreational camera market.

Blurfix Lens Cairns, Australia

The Blurfix Flat lens for GoPro Cameras has been proven again and again as the best selling flat lens kit available.  The amazing number of youtube and vimeo videos attributed to Blurfix highlight the quality, success and versatility of this product.  The Blurfix is the best flat lens solution due to its following abilities ;

  1. Correcting underwater focus
  2. Allowing attachment of colour correction filters
  3. To prevent fogging

When partnered with the URPRO range of colour filters, the blurfix allows GoPro users to accurately record in High Definition their underwater experiences.

The Blurfix when fitted with the standard UV filter allows the flexibility to move between filming on land or in water when required.

The addition of a circular polarizing filters turns the GoPro into a powerful tool above the surface, providing outstanding results in high glare scenarios such as fishing, skiing, snowboarding and bushwalking.

The guys at SRP didn’t just stop there!! Next came “The Tray” a durable lightweight frame for mounting up to 4 GoPro cameras simultaneously, with the flexibility to attach a great range of lighting options.  The Tray is completely tool free and uses a double hand grip system to allow stability and control whilst capturing those special moments both above and below water.  Whilst designed for use with GoPro, the Tray is also compatible with many other types of cameras, housings and strobe lights.

Tray Mount System for GoPro Cameras

Wetrez Cameras is thrilled to bring the fantastic line of Snake River Prototyping products to the Australian market.  Snake River Prototyping are continuously working on exciting new products made specifically for GoPro Cameras and we look forward to bringing these to you as they roll out.


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