This week on the Great Barrier Reef….

So it may have been a little windy out on the Great Barrier Reef this week but it hasn’t stopped visitors having fun or our photographers taking sensational photos!

This lucky lady sure was glad she hired one of our awesome underwater cameras after getting up close to a beautiful Green Turtle on the reef this week. Also great to see DiCAPac products being used alongside to capture the action!

Hire Camera Cairns, Australia

This group had no idea what was sneaking up on them during their introductory dive on Hastings Reef! This white tip reef shark was following the group for some time and those divers got the fright of their life when it did finally catch up with them! White tips are much more scared of people than we are of them so it took off pretty quickly once they saw him and tried to get closer. How lucky to see a shark on your first ever dive! The Great Barrier Reef is full of surprises like this…

Whitetip & Divers, Australia

This group of Humphead Parrotfish surprised our photographer while I was diving on Hastings Reef today! These fish are the largest species of Parrot fish and were each just under 1 metre long. They were totally uninterested in Nickie and didn’t seem to mind that she was swimming through their school! She watched as they rammed the coral with their huge foreheads and then ate it up, using their massive horse teeth to grind it. Did you know that any coral eaten by a Humphead that does not hold nutritional value is excreted and becomes sand? Think about that next time you’re taking a walk on one of our beautiful reef cays!


Also Monday another of our photographers was lucky enough to spot Short Finned Pilot Whales hanging out between Cairns and the Outer Reef! These whales usually spend most of their time under the surface but were sighted as they came up to breathe and ended up putting on quite a show; breaching and flapping their fins around! Pilot whales are actually a type of dolphin but whale season is just around the corner so hopefully more whale sightings and some photos will follow shortly.

With thanks to Nickie, Chris and Nathalie for providing us with these great images.

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