Using a GoPro Camera Underwater

The range of GoPro HD Cameras were first introduced a few years ago and have taken the market by storm. Now on the Third Edition; it is tiny, powerful and best of all it is cheap. It even comes in a waterproof housing which is rated well beyond recreational scuba depths. With so many WetRez customers using GoPro’s we are often asked for advice when taking them out to the Great Barrier Reef. Read on to find out our top tips….

Using a GoPro Camera Underwater

Best Mounting Options

Most people think that the use of head straps is the best idea when snorkelling or diving however these don’t get into little nooks and crannies or allow for footage of yourself enjoying the Great Barrier Reef! A great alternative are handheld poles, extension poles or tray mounts with handles, which greatly enhance the underwater GoPro experience and help in achieving much more interesting angles underwater. These products usually include wrist lanyards and therefore eliminate the chance of you losing  your gear. For those who are still concerned about losing their GoPro camera; the high visibility GoPole ‘Bobber’ is positively buoyant and will float to the surface if dropped.

Colour correction filters are also a fantastic way to vastly improve underwater colour in your photos and videos and can potentially save you hours of editing at the end of the day. There are a number of filter products suited to GoPro out there but we can highly recommend the Snake River Prototyping range of filters for phenomenal underwater colour correction!

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Our Hot Tips

  • Now you’ve got your mounts and filters sorted, fantastic underwater photos and videos are just a few steps away….
  • If you are using a GoPro Hero or Hero 2, get a flat lens – you’ll need the GoPro Dive Housing or an aftermarket flat lens to use the GoPro standard housing underwater. Note that the newer HD Hero3 standard housing is good to go straight out of the box.
  • Get a spare battery –  you’re really going to need one…also practise power saving solutions such as turning off the LCD BacPac when you don’t need it.
  • Get close – you’ve heard it before, get close to your subject, then get closer.
  • Stabilise Yourself – save the roller coaster rides for the theme park, stabilise yourself and trim your buoyancy before shooting video.
  • Avoid Exposure Shifts – the GoPro doesn’t handle big shifts in exposure; lights and darks don’t get along so well, so try and avoid this.
  • Feed it light – without enough light the Hero dies (just joking, it just struggles with exposure). Feed it rich light, and it’ll return nice saturated colour. Get the sun behind you where possible, use wide angle video lights or stick to shallower depths.
  • Use filters wisely – filters can make or break you, so use the best quality and right type of filter for your colour water.
  • Perspective– use them for what they’re designed for; capture the world from a different point of view – it needn’t be your own.
  • Hog the glory – edit your video so that it tells a story, and share it with the world…or at least your friends via your choice of social media!


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